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Over 20 Years Providing Realtime Transcription Across the Globe

Debra Bollman is the president of Caption CART, Inc., which is a team of highly-skilled Realtime Captioners that continuously exceed client expectations with every job they complete.

At Caption CART we have one desire and that is to be the gold standard in everything stenography. Whether it's CART in the classroom, courtroom, or boardroom, stadium captioning, broadcast captioning, or online instant streaming text, if we can hear it, we can write it. For more information on captioning at your next event, don't hesitate to call or email us.

As a Certified Realtime Captioner, Debra has personally captioned and provided realtime transcription in settings across the globe, including: broadcast television, entertainment venues, stadiums and arenas, corporate meetings, graduations, and classrooms.

In Debra's 20 years in the profession, she has taken advantage of the many avenues the profession has to offer. She's worked as a state and federal official, CART provider, and broadcast captioner, but her specialty in sports has given her the most memorable moments. Her strongest passion now lies in training new reporters and transitioning reporters to become captioners and CART providers. The need for accurate, quality writers is off the charts, and she is training the next generation of 21st century captioners with her gold standard beliefs through her 12-Steps to Realtime CART Captioning training program. For more information on classes or to book a session for your event click here.

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